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Before You Start Selling On eBay Here's What You Need To Do...

The holidays are fast approaching and many people are looking to buy things that they need. One of the popular sites that many people visit to buy stuff daily is eBay. 

Now you might be asking, of all the other sites in this category, why eBay... well, let me shed some light on this. 

As of writing this article eBay is the 8th most popular site in the USA based on a combination of average daily visitors and pageviews. The vast majority of these visitors are from the United States... 

As a matter of fact, 56.9% of all eBay users come from the USA and they generate aproximately 64.1% of the pageviews on eBay. It is listed in the top 10 sites in the US on Alexa, in the top 20 globally, and has close to 200 thousand other websites linking in to it.

You still with me here?

Well guess what, those stats are not ordinary and its for a good reason. eBay works! People get the results that they are looking for so they come back for more... and they recommend it to their friends.

Now, what I want you to understand here is that many people are making a full-time income on eBay. There are people making millions of dollars just marketing on eBay. You see, this is not only possible but it's doable, if you know how. 

The beauty about it is that you don't have to be a guru to make money on eBay. Many people started out selling old discarded items lying around their house but after they see the potential that exist here they transition to bigger goals.

You can choose to start small and then transition to whatever size you want later on. But this adventure can also be a major challenge as well. 

If you are just getting started here are a few things you need to pay close attention to:

TIP #1: Learn what you're about to do:

Follow these 3 fundamental principles - Educate and Understand FIRST, then you Implement.

Getting started into any new venture require some planning. You need to answer some questions that are important here. By sorting out these questions in your mind you can avoid a lot of headaches later on - trust me on this.

Sit down with your pen and paper and list what you intend to accomplish from this venture. Are you looking to generate a part time earning to supplement your income... or do you intend to transition into a full time adventure quickly.

What are your expectations in terms of income level? What is your skill level? How much time can you dedicate to your new venture? 

These are basic questions that you need to answer before you get started.

TIP #2: What are you going to sell?

Of course, one of the first challenge that new eBay sellers face is choosing the right product to sell. Some new buyers, in their enthusiasm to get started make the mistake of going out to purchase large quantities of merchandise from wholesale lots. 

For a beginner, this is a very bad idea. First, you don't know how the market is operating or whether or not the products you decide to buy will sell easily. Most good quality products will sell - but some could take a long time.


The only way for you to determine what your audience is looking for is to do some basic market research. Many new marketers make the mistake of jumping in head first without proper data. This can cost you a pretty penny and could lead to a lot of frustration later on.

You MUST know what your target audience is looking for first, then you go out and find those products to sell to them. It is very important to determine what the market is looking for before investing in any inventory. This can even be more devastating if you have limited resources.

When getting started it is a much better idea for you to start out small and then scale up once you are seeing some results. Even then, you do not have to tie up a lot of cash into buying a lot of merchandise.

Getting started right is the most critical part of any venture and your eBay business is no different. While it can take some time for you to get up and running the time spent in learning the basics is time well spent.

Some people will get up to speed faster than others but if you're in a hurry to get started here's a video that will open your eyes to the endless possibilities that exist with an eBay business:


Let's make it happen!


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